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Sep 28, 2022

In the episode, Dan connects with US Army veteran, logistics expert, and creator of Meaning Forge, Jim Benton. As the name suggests, Jim is deeply concerned about meaning – and he’s on a mission to help others use their experiences to forge meaning in their own lives. He’s developed an interview framework based on mythological symbols that helps his subjects uncover their purpose and envision their legacy. Dan and Jim talk about how the Forge came about and much more as they serve up a conversation rich in meaning, purpose, and a fair share of symbols. Jim’s perspective is one you won’t want to miss.

In This Episode

  • (3:10) James talks about his journey
  • (12:36) The turning point in his life
  • (14:35) Key lesson he learned
  • (19:46) What are the six hard leadership lessons?
  • (26:15) "I failed in this relationship."
  • (33:49) How James helped people find their meaning with Forge
  • (48:07) Difference between meaning and purpose
  • (55:10) Lessons James learned from his previous interviews


Notable Quotes

  • "Leaders make leaders because it's a developmental process. Leaders have to spot talent in other leaders and in that raw state start to cultivate, create space for those people to lead." - James (24.22)
  • "Life is not about destination ladies and gentlemen, it's about the journey; unfortunately, or fortunately!" - James (30.54)
  • “Having some grace and self forgiveness. So you're gonna make it, gonna make mistakes. Make a decision. See what happens!” - James (24.08)
  • “Let's talk subordinates. You own that relationship. Like you own their failures, you own their successes. And of course when they succeed, you have to defer. Like when you own it, you have to give it to them.” - James (25.41)


Resources & Links

James Benton

The Dan Nestle Show

Shout Outs to Traci Philips, Lou Everett & Sherri McManus