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Oct 28, 2022

In this episode, Dan connects with IT project manager-turned-entrepreneur, Chief Connector of the Charleston chapter of The Connective, and CEO of Turtle Bay Payment Solutions, Karena Bell. Dan and Karena discuss how her journey through a male-dominated field led her to understand the significance of shifting your mindset to realize your potential and see potential in others—and how that helped her refine the art of building connections. They dive into the distinction between networking and connecting, how your approach to connections impacts your business and helps you become a better leader, and how true connection can lay the foundation for real success. 

In This Episode

  • (2:23) – Karena begins speaking about her journey to becoming a CEO
  • (4:15) – Even as an employee, she viewed herself as a business owner
  • (5:13) - Discusses how complex situations can become valuable growth opportunities 
  • (9:18) – The concept of mindset is introduced 
  • (10:31) – The importance of mentors
  • (11:58) – Realizing that she had no limits
  • (19:35) – Do not bring emotion to the office 
  • (31:31) – Destinations can be limiting 
  • (40:35) -The difference between networking and connecting 
  • (47:00) – The importance of showing interest in others
  • (53:00) – Business and relationships

Notable Quotes

  • “Good networks yield good people.” (1:25) - Dan
  • “I want you to develop a mindset that has no limits, and you get used to asking for forgiveness rather than permission.” (15:35) - Karena 
  • “If it's average or mediocre, it’s really boring to me.” (16:38) - Karena
  • “There’s a response and a reaction. A reaction is anchored in emotion. A response is anchored in logic.” (20:02) - Karena
  • “They say ‘it’s lonely at the top’... The reason it’s lonely at the top is because you don’t have people that you trust around you.” (26:36) - Karena
  • “We’re all developers.” (28:33) - Karena
  • “It is the journey that gets me excited because what motivates me is, ‘what is your potential?’ Do you know the answer to that question?” (31:34) - Karena
  • “My own potential is only limited by my limiting beliefs.” (32:30) - Dan 
  • “We’re all like onions. We all have different layers that we allow people to see. (43:50) - Karena
  • “There is no one that I cannot find something interesting about to ask a simple question.” (45:50) - Karena
  • “The blessings in my life are meant to benefit others.” (55:01) - Karena
  • “I believe collaboration is the new currency.” (1:01:10) - Karena
  • “Change the word ‘failure’ in your vocabulary to ‘feedback’.” (1:05:56) - Karena

Resources & Links

Dan Nestle

Karena Bell

Mentioned: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck