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Aug 17, 2022

In this episode, Dan connects with transformational coach and mindset master Luke Harlan. A former marketing executive, it took Luke a long time to give himself permission to be happy and successful. His journey towards self-transformation started with reclaiming his health and continues today as he helps others live the lives of their dreams through Mindset Freedom Coaching

Today, Luke and Dan talk about mindset as a muscle, the connection between mental wellness and physical wellness, the importance of rediscovering our childhood mentality and more.

In This Episode

  • (02:21) From marketing exec to transformational coach
  • (05:41) The warning signs that something needed to change
  • (12:00) Luke’s epiphany
  • (17:21) Give yourself permission to do things differently
  • (19:35) The 5 distinct mindset shifts to get to freedom
  • (25:47) “You are enough.”
  • (27:19) Why mindset is a muscle that needs constant exercise
  • (30:45) Three questions you need to ask yourself on the journey to transformation
  • (36:06) The connection between mental wellness and physical wellness
  • (40:04) “I did this to myself”: Luke’s marrow donation, and how he realized he needed to get healthy
  • (49:32) The limited mindset problem
  • (56:22) Rediscovering our childhood mentality
  • (1:00:43) The virtue of saving the people swimming towards you
  • (1:07:01) Luke’s final words of advice

Notable Quotes

  • “It was just a mouse on the wheel type thing. I was tired of just doing the services. And that's when I fell in love with helping people within the business. And then that's when I went through that kind of matriculation of, okay, what are the habits and characteristics of the people who are hitting home runs and being successful and what are the behaviors of the people who are getting in their own way? And unfortunately, I felt like, oh, wow, I was part of the group that was getting in their own way. And I said, well, how can I help my clients? How can I help myself become better? Because I had that epiphany, that epiphany was like, dammit, if I'm not a hundred percent, I can't give a hundred percent. If my cup's empty, how do I pour into other people?” – Luke (06:43)
  • “You right now in your current state, you're more than enough. You have the absolute capacity to change your life and it starts with you. It's a decision you get to make. A lot of times I've been there where you feel helpless, you feel like you're not enough. You feel like kinda life's against you. And if you can just switch to one little paradigm shift that I learned …if you grow through what you go through, develop that thicker skin, tenacity, skill up in your resilience, you're gonna tackle the next thing stronger, more confident, with more belief in yourself.” – Luke (1:07:01)

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